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Ladies, the million dollar question is “What does a man look for in a woman?”  We have so many experts, men and women, trying to tell us what we need to do better to have a successful relationship. But what about the regular guy? The guy that is out there just like us trying to find his perfect mate.

Here’s a blog written by BlackPlanet member Drew_DaTruth16 where he highlights the “Things Us Men Look For.” To say he’s not getting paid to know this stuff, this guy has some pretty good insight and good advice on what men look for in their partners. On top of just being attractive, respectful and smart, he digs deeper below the surface of what it is exactly that guys are looking for. One of his points:

A woman who doesn’t try to change you is hard to find. Of course, all women have their slightly annoying habits that their mate has to contend with, but if she really loves you, she will be able to cope with these.

Check out his blog to see what Drew_DaTruth16 says is the number one thing a man looks for in a woman!

Do you agree with his list or do you think he’s reaching a bit much?

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