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Dear Gay Best Friend,

I have worked for a company called, Cleo Inc., for more than six years and yesterday they announced that they were closing the doors after almost 60 years after they started. They reported that they were moving its company to foreign suppliers and will be shutting down the company which employs about 600 workers.

My problem is we (meaning employees) never seen it coming and I am now 7 months pregnant and without a JOB! The father of my child and I are engaged and living together. He has graduated college, has a degree in engineering and he works 2 jobs. My thing is I still made more money than him even though he has 2 jobs. I feel like it would be such a burden on him to carry out all the expensive bills and debt we have alone. Due to my illness during my pregnancy I will not try to seek employment at this moment, instead I will seek employment after the baby is born, and Lord who knows when the next time I could get employed in this bad economy!!

To take some of the burden off my man, I am willing to go into the savings we have for the baby if that is what it takes to keep us from going to the slaughter house. I feel very sad about my company leaving, it has affected many people financially, mentally and I pray that the other former employees will get through this and have a blessed life. Is there a lesson to be learned here or is this just a misfortune? THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! – My Job Is Gone

“My Man Can’t Read, Got His Baby Momma Pregnant & He’s Sleeping With An Ex”

Dear Ms. My Job Is Gone,

Girl, girl, girl bring that tone down. Your energy is on hundred thousand million. Bring that –ish down! Geesh! Stressing me, and your baby! Like I said, and I am using my quote daily from now on, “PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENERGY THAT YOU BRING INTO THIS ROOM.”

So, you want to know what lesson is to be learned from this misfortune? Uhm, boo boo, your job is moving to another country and closing their doors. There is no lesson. It’s just the plain and simple fact and truth.

You say you got a savings account with funds in it, so that means you have money to keep you afloat, correct? Your fiancé is working and has 2 jobs, correct? I mean you’re prepared for this. You have an income coming in, a place to live, and can keep food on the table, right? So, what’s the problem?

Girl, please don’t stress me and your baby. Relax, relate, release. Just breathe. Everything is going to be fine. Stop worrying and causing all this drama. The last thing we need in this world is for you to deliver a baby bringing all of your mess into the world with him/her. Have a peaceful, loving, and joyful pregnancy. Create a loving environment for your child.

And, stop thinking about what you have you to do after the baby is born. Y’all folks wear me so thin worrying about something that hasn’t even happened yet. Can the baby get here before you start worrying about finding a job? I know it’s a difficult economy and jobs are scarce, but if you think and project lack, poverty, and there’s not enough, then guess what you will create in your life? Think about it Drama Queen!

Look, Ms. Over-The-Top-Running-Around-Like-A-Chicken-With-Her-Head-Cut-Off-Bwaking-Repeatedly, enjoy this time off. Enjoy this peacefulness, and the wonders of becoming a mother. Enjoy each of these days and moments relaxing, taking care of yourself, and your baby. Trust me when I tell you this, the moment you start working again you are going to wish you had this time again. You’re going to yearn for the months, or year or two off from working. If there is a lesson perhaps God needs you to focus on your pregnancy because working throughout your pregnancy may have caused some stress and other related issues from your job. Take it as a blessing and perhaps God was removing you from some unforeseen event or tragedy. Did you think of that? UGH! And, thank God that you have a fiancé who is supportive, working, and who is there to be your rock. This is your time to let him take care of you, and when times get rough, then your mate steps up to the plate. Please, focus on life, love, and happiness. Stop focusing on the drama. I can only imagine how your fiancé must be feeling dealing with you, your hormones raging out of control, the pregnancy, and your loud big ass mouth. GIRL, STOP STRESSING AND START RESTING! – Straight From Your Gay Best Friend

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