We were asked to share the little things that we do for the ones we love and became excited by the mere thought. It’s the little things you do for the ones you love that mean soo much!!! That statement is so true, especially when it comes to my husband and my children. Showing that you love someone does not require a big budget or a fancy production. For instance, my husband and I leave little sticky love notes on each other’s laptops. Sometimes he will get to work and open his computer to see a note that says: “I love you.” I love receiving little notes or emails from him throughout the day.

Another great example, is the craft time that I started with my 7 year old daughter. She wanted some special time with me alone (without her 1 year old and 2 year old baby sisters.) As you can imagine, the babies consume a lot of my time. And my 7 year old is a very smart, well behaved, and self sufficient little girl. So she probably fees like she is not getting as much attention as the babies. So we started a craft time. And I am no Martha Stewart …not even close. My crafting abilities SUCK with a capital S. We don’t do any elaborate crafts that take an enormous amount of time. So far we have made pot holders and we have painted clay pots and planted flowers in them. Since I don’t have an artistic bone in my body (and it’s sad to say that my daughter takes after me,) our crafts usually end up looking pitiful. With the clay pots, we planted the seeds in the those pots over 2 months ago and not one sprout yet!!

Read the rest of this article at and tell us – what are the little things YOU do for your loved ones???

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