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Vanessa Simmons, one half the duo behind the multi-million dollar Pastry franchise, daughter of Rev Run and model, girl talked with HelloBeautiful about hating the theme of her Senior prom, getting suspended for fighting in school and the infamous Twitter beef with Natalie Nunn!

On Starring in the MTV movie: Worst Prom Ever

It is the funniest reenactment of a prom you can ever imagine! I’m kind of the voice to reason in it all; kind of above the drama and all the things going on. I’m actually a college student, someone’s sister. When I got the script I literally could not stop laughing in my bed. I’m really proud to be apart of it. It comes out May 10th on MTV!

Advice for girls going to Prom…

Just have fun don’t put too much pressure on anything– at the end of the day, Prom is supposed to be that one last night before we go on…It can be ruined by just taking it too seriously.

What happened at your Prom?

Well, I didn’t go with my boyfriend at the time, he had been kicked out of the school before prom and graduation so I had to go with his best-friend. Clearly my dates were dictated by him like you’re going to go with this guy! We got into fights with friends over limo prices and going over with the hours. I spent way too much money on having 3 different choices of a dress. I thought the prom theme was terrible it was “Time Of Our Lives” From Dirty Dancing—I love Dirty Dancing but I hated our theme. The best part about it all was we got to go to Six Flags the day after. I ended up breaking up with that guy right after…He was my boyfriend for 2 years, my dad doesn’t even remember him.

Does your dad approve of any guy you bring home?

No. My dad is very nice but he is very vocal about what he thinks about our choices in guys. He lets us go out on our own but he is very vocal. In 8th grade I had my first boyfriend, my dad actually came off tour to my school, was sitting in the conference room with my boyfriend and broke us up. I was balling and crying like ‘We love each-other’

Fill in the blanks…

When I was 17, I skipped… classes on Senior Ditch Day. I skipped the entire day of school.

When I was 17, I was in love with… my brand new black Mitsubishi Spider Eclipse convertible.

When I was 17, I lied to my dad because…I got suspended from school for fighting. I didn’t tell him and he just found out when I shot ‘When I Was 17.’ They’re like ‘what’s it like Vanessa getting suspended’ and he’s like ‘I didn’t know that!’ She said the wrong thing and My Kate Spade bag flew on the floor and I slapped her!

Did you want to slap Natalie Nunn after her Twitter rant?

I honestly didn’t care, that’s her job, she’s going to do those type of antics. I enjoyed watching her on TV; I thought she was very entertaining. She can talk about me I really don’t care—I’m still over her making money and it didn’t affect me at all.

Stay Tuned for Part 2, where Vanessa tells us what’s in her bag, Barbie’s influence on young women, Diggy Simmons and a secret urge she gets often but never acts on!

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