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CamelBak Groove waterbottleWhen I received the CamelBak Groove water bottle in the mail I was excited about having a water bottle that not only is easy to use on-the-go but also can filter out nasty tasting water. As a New York City resident, I’m lucky to have great tasting tap water. Of course not everyone has this luxury and in some places drinking tap water is like drinking the worst tasting thing you could possibly imagine. Sure, bottled water is a great alternative, however, it’s expensive and the plastic bottles leach chemicals into your beverage which certainly can’t be good for you.

The CambelBak Groove water bottle solves all of these problems and more. The bottle is reusable, which makes it environmentally friendly. The plastic is free of BPA, meaning it doesn’t have those nasty chemicals leeching into your drinking water.

One of the best features of the CamelBak Groove is that is contains a filter in the drinking straw. This filter removes chlorine, taste and odor from your drinking water every time you take a sip. It doesn’t purify the water. The filter lasts for about three months.

Another great feature of the CamelBak Groove is that it has the soft plastic mouthpiece that you bite on to sip the water out of the bottle. This makes it super easy to drink water out of the bottle when you’re on the go or trying to multitask. I used the bottle in a variety of athletic situations It’s great for running and biking as you don’t have to move your head each time you take a sip of water. I also found that the bottle has increased my water intake because it’s so easy to just take small sips throughout the day with the soft bite vale mouthpiece. I filled it up at my work to keep at my desk and before I knew it I had gone through the whole bottle in less than 30 minutes!

The bottle is light, leak-proof and has a great handle for easy carrying. In all, it’s a great bottle and I’ve never been more impressed with a plastic water bottle.

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