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Rihanna is definitely not shy about her private life, often joking with interviewers and letting them see glimpses of her real personality, not just her “public persona.” She has spoken openly about her upbringing in Barbados and her family life; in fact, only a few weeks ago, she opened up about her wild sex life and history of abuse in her family.

However, it seems that there are some things she has tried to keep private – like some secret older siblings she has as a result of her father’s affairs with other women. Britain’s The Sun newspaper is reporting that in addition to the two younger brothers Rihanna is known to have, the Bajan beauty is younger sister to three other siblings: two sisters and a brother. And they have published private family photos to prove it!

According to The Sun, Rihanna’s eldest half-sister is 32-year-old Kandy, a pharmacy assistant who resides in Barbados. She also has a 30-year-old half-sister, Samantha, and a 27-year-old half-brother, named Jamie, both from other flings Ronald had before settling down with Rihanna’s mother Monica. But that’s not all. Rihanna is also an aunt, as Kandy is the mother of two daughters: Brandy, 14, and Crystal, 11.

Of the first meeting Kandy had with the then unknown singer, she said, “Even then, before she was famous, she was really cool… You could tell she liked being the centre of attention and loved posing for the camera….. I saw her a few times again after that initial meeting but it wasn’t long after that she moved to the States to pursue her singing career and I didn’t really hear much from her again.”

She divulges that Rihanna changed her cell phone number after the 2009 assault by Chris Brown, and notes that only a handful of people now have it. Kandy added, “She’s very busy jetting off all over the world and I have to work long hours so I suppose there hasn’t been much opportunity to talk really… But I’m very proud of what she’s achieved.”

While both Samantha and Jamie say that they are on good terms with the star and her brothers, they do say that the only time they meet up with her is when she returns to Barbados for family visits or official functions… and neither mention cell phone numbers.

Judging by the way Rihanna has previously reacted to her father selling stories of her childhood to the press, I think it’s probably safe to assume that Kandy (or Ronald for that matter) won’t be getting her cell number again any time soon!

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