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Liz Burr

A Social Experiment


A graduate of MIT, Burr is a certified techie. When her sorority needed a new website, Burr delved into the World Wide Web knowing very little about how to create a functional website. Despite her limited knowledge of HTML, she knew she could figure it out if she tried. Her efforts proved fruitful as soon after, Burr realized her true calling. Immersing herself for the long haul, she dropped Biology as her major and became a true “girl about the internets.”

Liz spent years building up her brand as a tech maven; including serving as the Interactive Project Manager for New Media at KCET, PBS’s LA affiliate. She was the CTO for’s first year and continues to work with start ups, small businesses and bloggers as a technology/new media consultant in varying capacities.  “Some of my clients have huge audiences or customer base, but little to no presence with social media, while others have a small audience and no social media presence. I tell clients to stay informed by reading trade magazines/blogs, as well as those pertaining to web trends, and regularly assess their web strategies for improved performance,” says Burr instructs clients.  “Exploit the features of each [social media] platform to work for you and your message.  Have an effective home base (your own website) to send people; do not rely on Facebook or Tumblr to power your community.  What happens if these sites fold or are inoperable at a crucial time for your business?”

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