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The prom is the last time before graduation that high school students see most of their graduating class together in one spot, and it can be a capstone moment to top off the high school experience. Teen boys go for the best tuxedos they can get while girls scurry around going through a process before their final transformation into beauty (and possibly prom) queens. For many young women, it’s exciting to plan for prom, but others only wish they could afford to go.

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That’s where comes in. You can donate any dress from a prom or special occasion to any organization that on the website’s national list of donation centers. The site will melt your heart with pictures of girls perusing through racks of gowns and some jewelry with smiles on their faces. Donate My Dress also has prom fashion tips and ways in which girls can be involved in many causes.

Visit the website and donate that prom dress from ten years ago. Yes, it’s a momento to you, but it’s just collecting dust in the back of your closet!

First Kids Get Designers Pitching Dresses Too

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