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Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada don’t just share how many people they’ve each had sex with, but divulge the dirty details, as well, as Lozada recently admitted to PEOPLE. Would you do the same with your fiance?

“Sometimes we sit back at night and we literally sit for three to four hours and share stories about who we’ve dated and what we’ve done … every detail,” Lozada said. “I’m nosy. I want to know who you’ve been with,” Ochocinco added.

But – as I’m sure we all want to know – how did Ochocinco handle the nationally televised news that Lozada slept with the husband of her “Basketball Wives” castmate Tami Roman?

“I was having a hard time [watching],” Evelyn said. “I have a lot of followers on Twitter, so everyone has an opinion on your life, and they think they know you. Some of the things they say are hurtful, but he made me keep it together. He’s very supportive with everything.”

Despite their seemingly “progressive” relationship, the two aren’t rushing to get married. “He has four kids. I have one. We want to be engaged for at least a year and enjoy our time with our children, and then we’re going to plan our wedding,” Lozada said. “I want something small, even though he wants something big. I want something intimate. I’m 35, and we have five kids together. I don’t want anything over the top.”

What she does want, though, is more kids – preferably twins. “The more kids, the happier I am,” she says.

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