When we don’t learn from the past relationships and the mistakes we’ve made in them not only do we sell ourselves short, but we keep our happiness at bay. Love can’t reach us if we don’t know what it looks like because we’re clouded by the past or we don’t know how to make proper decisions so that it finds us. Here are some ways you can get prepare yourself to get the love you deserve:

The best way to get the love you deserve is to love yourself. People treat us like we treat ourselves. If you fall in love with yourself flaws and all and treat yourself like you deserve more, you will attract someone who will know that is your standard and they will give you what you deserve or quickly pass by if they are not up to task.

Practice being a listener. Many times we hear the surface of what people are saying but don’t open ourselves up for their full disclosure. Good listeners get listened to and when people know you’re listening to them, it forges an appreciation and a trust. That is essential in any budding relationship.

Communication gets you what you want. Learn to be honest about what you feel. Sometimes we compromise for the sake of having someone to call our own or wanting people to like us and never leave. The relationships that are the most satisfying are the ones where someone is able to love the true you, not a manufactured version of who you want them to think you are.

Trust your instincts about people. Normally when you are in tune with your Spirit it will lead you and give you discerning impressions of people you engage. It’s a wonderful sentiment to think that everyone in this world has your best interest at heart-but they don’t. Tune in to your Spirit and govern yourself accordingly and when you sense that he or she is too good to be true, you’re probably right…

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