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Alexis Marie Wint, a former student of elite Stuyvesant High school in Manhattan, posted an extremely racist and disturbing video to You Tube which features four current students, all of whom are Caucasian males. Wint allegedly left the school because of racism and after watching the video, I can’t blame her!  In the clip, which is over five minutes long, sample lyrics include: “You so wack, b—-, chilling in the projects. …,” the rap goes. “You black and you so f—– grimy. … What’cha gonna do? Call your black squad n——?”” All while high-fiving themselves and laughing.

According to NY Daily News, Wint claims that the clip is directly talking about another student at the school. How disgusting!

In a week which has seen John Galliano fired for proclaiming his love of Hitler on the web, and Charlie Sheen in trouble for reported anti-semitism, this incident is another in a seemingly endless line of racial hatred spewing from the internet. What about the case of the man who announced he was going to commit suicide on the web, only to have people egging him on, and telling him to hurry up and do it?

People see the internet as an un-moderated online forum, where you can say whatever you like, with no consequences. But how far does cyber bullying and the distribution of racial hatred have to go before people will begin to take responsibility for themselves and their children’s online behavior?

I personally think that this incident, from students who, as Wint says, because of their education, ‘are meant to be the best and the brightest’, perfectly highlights the need for parent’s to take a far greater interest in not only their education, but what they can access online.It baffles me that these kids made it to their late teens and cannot understand that it is completely unacceptable and disgusting, to even make such a video, let alone to post such things online.

How did student’s at one of Manhattan’s most elite schools not understand the horrific nature of what they were stating? Or if they did understand it, where did they learn to think that way?

Check out the video for yourself and tell us, what do you think? Who does the buck stop with?

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