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A mind is a terrible thing to waste. So, why worry about losing it in your 50s and beyond when you can do something about it now? It’s possible that mental disorders can be prevented when you take up certain lifestyle habits. Here are some that could help you develop new skills and maintain a brilliant mind.

1.    For several minutes a day, practice writing with your non-dominant hand. It will work the opposite side of your brain and stimulate neurons.

2.    Take dancing lessons. A study of 500 people showed that those who danced three to four times a week had a 76% decrease in incidences in dementia.

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3.    Reading and writing daily stimulate a variety of areas in the brain that process and store information.

4.    Learn a new language. Being bilingual delays symptoms of dementia for four years. Also, getting kids a head start on learning sign language can increase their IQ.

5.    Meditating is important for your brain to shut out everyday stresses.

(From orlandosentinel.com)

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