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Don’t feel like getting the kids together to color eggs for Easter? Maybe it’s because you’re tired of the same old egg-dye routine that you’ve done since you were a kid. Try something new! Chinese Tea Eggs are normal snacks in China when stewed with a black tea, soy sauce, and spice blend.

If you want to skip the traditional route, you can make them at home for Easter by following these steps:

1.    Hard boil eggs and let it cool. Then roll on a hard surface enough to get an overall cracked look, but don’t roll them too hard.

2.    Boil more water (add salt or whatever seasoning you prefer to flavor the eggs) and the gel food dye to it. Let the eggs boil for one to three hours. Longer boil time makes for a more intense color.

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3.    When the eggs are ready, peel them. Be careful peeling them because the egg will split through to the yolk. It ruins the appeal of the eggs.

You’ll have jewel looking eggs to eat on Easter Sunday! Click here for what the eggs look like during the process and the end result.

Update your kitchen with color.

(From The Barefoot Kitchen Witch)

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