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Growing up, I, like pretty much every other young girl, wanted to be a princess. I dressed up in costumes and wore a long pink skirt over my head pretending I had really long ‘Princess Jasmine-esque’ hair, and bossed around my friends, who I, in my obnoxious state, didn’t let be princesses for the game. I imagined living in a castle, riding horses all day, waving to adoring fans who flocked to meet me, traveling to far away exotic countries and of course, getting to wear a tiara. To my six year old mind, this sort of lifestyle seemed like bliss.

Now, I’m not going to lie, sometimes when I see photographs of Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, I still wouldn’t mind being a princess, at least for a day, because I secretly (or probably not so secretly) love him. But watching all the drama and intense scrutiny the world over about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s impending wedding has really changed my mind about being a bonafide princess. I came across an article about Kate Middleton and how she was criticized for wearing a sheer blouse, because her style would have to change now that she is to become a princess, and it got me thinking; I really don’t think the perks of the job are enough to counterbalance the crazy scrutiny and intense pressure placed upon royals, and I don’t think the job is one I could handle, and here are 5 reasons why.

1. Intense scrutiny

You only need to open a magazine, or try to read a newspaper, to see how crazy the hype about the “Royal Wedding” is, even here in America. Tabloids have devoted whole sections to event, the iPad has a new app so you can have access to every minute detail, from wedding dress selections to cake ingredients, the happy couple’s faces are plastered on everything from plates and mugs to condoms and refrigerators, even jewelers are making replica Princess Diana engagement rings. It is a circus. Weddings are stressful enough being your average everyday person, adding in the attention of the entire world by being a princess, sounds plain horrific.

2. Lose normal life

Can you even imagine not being free to relax in your own home or have the luxury of wandering around town on your own, without a security detail following your every move? Apparently, Prince William and Kate will get to live in a castle (my six year old self is dying inside a little of jealousy), but their home, Kensington Palace, is also a museum, so everyday, flocks of tourist will be roaming the grounds. Even though obviously private quarters are off limits to tourists, it would still bug me that even in my own home, I’m not completely free from the prying eyes of the public.

3. Risk losing family

For Danish Crown Princess Mary, marrying Prince Fredrick meant having to give up her native Australian citizenship and signing away her right to custody of her children in the event of a divorce. Kate Middleton has already spoken about her fears of not being able to be a member of her family in the same way as before once she becomes an official Princess, and the fears she has for her family being hassled by paparazzi constantly. It sadly all seems like a little bit too much to go through, no?

4. Paparazzi

Celebrities get followed by paparazzi all the time, and generally I have little sympathy for them. In my mind, it’s a mall price to pay for living the high life and getting paid ridiculously well to do a job you love. But the constant presence of the cameras in people such as Kate Middleton’s life, is something that I have sympathy for. She is not famous for being a singer, actress, sports star, even reality television ‘star’, but simply for being in love with someone who one day, will become King of 16 countries, so she did not invite paparazzi into her life, nor does her career benefit from the attention. Rather, the paparazzi attention focuses on her fashion sense, weight, and etiquette, and desperately looks for a cheating scandal. I can’t think of anything worse than being followed everyday by cameramen, and the entire world commenting on my weight, what I look like without makeup, whether or not my hair color suits me, was my outfit too expensive or too racy, was eating a hamburger appropriate for a royal? And imagine the scandal if I dared to do something mundane or something not deemed ‘proper’ enough by Royal standards!

5. Having an allowance

I could get used to the idea of being given an allowance, hell, I can’t think of anything better than getting an allowance! But, having to rely on the allowance because I can’t actually go out and go to work everyday like everyone else on the planet, sort of kills off the fun of the free money. What would you do to occupy your time, if you didn’t get a chance to work in a field you were passionate about, just because you’re going to be a Queen?

Being a Princess is a lot of fun when you’re a kid, and reading about the enviable wardrobes and vacations of modern day royals, makes for a fun daydream, but in reality, I would take my boring, normal lifestyle every day of the week, over being a real-life Princess, even if I got to wear a tiara.

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