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It’s amazing how much you can grow in even the smallest of gardens or window boxes – but what if your apartment doesn’t have a yard, a fire escape or even an outside window ledge? Does that mean you can never have the luxury of vegetables with zero food miles? Don’t despair – you too can grow your own. And you might even have the luxury of eating fresh, homegrown vegetables out of season.

Here’s how:

Pick the sunniest window in the place

Pick the lightest and brightest window in the house or apartment – vegetables need plenty of light. As the light is only coming from one side, the pots might need to be turned every day or so, to stop the plants all leaning to one side. If it’s still not bright enough, try simulating sunlight using “grow lights” (or try “daylight” fluorescent lights, which may work out cheaper, but won’t be as powerful) – but don’t forget to turn them off at night.

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Grow in the dark

Don’t have a sunny ‘sill? Grow fungi. Mushrooms don’t even need light – try growing them in a dark cupboard, using compost pre-seeded with mushroom spawn, or a specially prepared log for more unusual varieties.

Choose mini-veggies

You can grow a wide range of vegetables indoors, but keep in mind that many veggies may grow enormous or not cope well with being in a pot. Look for varieties that are described as “dwarf,” “baby” or “bush,” or are listed as being suitable for container growing. Really, it’s worth trying anything (except perhaps huge things like pumpkins or corn…). Deep-rooted vegetables such as parsnips will be difficult to grow unless the pots are huge, but things like round radishes and small-rooted carrots and beets should do well.

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