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Terrence J recently sat down with Power 105.1’s radio show to talk about his flourishing career and his thoughts on relationships.

On being corny

When people meet me, they see that it’s a character. “106 & Park” [is] a TV show character that appeals to 16- and 17-year-olds. I can’t go up there talking about gun play, drug play and put a tattoo on my face because that’s not who we appeal to. That’s been very lucrative for me. That’s lead to big deals with Sean John, it’s led to deals with Rapport sneakers. So, from a financial perspective and business perspective it was smarter for me to act like that because I’m in a lane by myself. Me & Nick Cannon are in a real distinct lane that no other African Americans are in right now.

[So] I’m going right to the corny bank and right to the cheesy teller and cash in on it. And that’s why I think its good when I’m allowed good opportunities like “The Game”, people can see that I’m very dimensional. I’m a human being like everybody else.

Do you still have time to date Brandy?

I’m not dating Brandy, that’s my homie.

On finding that perfect girl & his first million

I’ve been on TV for five years, so I know who the girls are in Miami, I know who the girls are in Atlanta so it’s nothing new to me. I made my first million last year, I’m trying to aim for a billion, you have to have higher ambitions

On relationships

I can’t even focus on that right now. I’ve ruined so many relationships. I’ve had some incredible girls and I’ve ruined all of them because I wasn’t mature enough to balance my career and be a good boyfriend at the same time. So right now, I’m like why would I even try to balance? I’m 28, I need to focus on my career, I need to build my brand and then after that, once I’m solidified then I will be able to give a woman the attention that she deserves.

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