As women we know we have the power of what your girl B calls the “Kitty Kat,” but should we use our assets to get the man we want? Do we need to bare it all to gain the affection of our partners? Check out these 3 ways to Get A Man’s Attention.

1) Bare that bod!

Make sure your bod is hot and show it off. If your bod is less than bare-able, fix it, ASAP. No guy wants to see your hiney if it is out of shape.

2) Less is more.

IF you MUST wear underwear, make sure it is exposed and looks hot. Black bra straps should peak out from your tank top, if you simply can not bear to go nippley. Show your thong above your low rise jeans or skirt. Better yet, wear no underwear and expose your thong shaped tan line.

Would you change for a guy?

3) Itty bitty skirts get instant attention.

Be sure to walk into the party and loudly announce, “I’m sooooo drunk and I’m not wearing panties!” That will never be ignored. If you are wearing panties, take them off and hold them up as you make that announcement. Get on a table and dance. All other women will fade into the background and you will be the star.

Call me crazy but these don’t seem like the most appealing ways to catch a good guy.  What do you think?

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