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For those of us who can remember, comedian Chris Rock did a now famous routine about shaking a you-know-what to keep from hitting a woman. It was hilarious. Since then, most of us in the know, (translation: we, who are old enough) have quoted him in jest as what to do before a woman drives you over the edge into the land of domestic abuse. But how many of us remember the story he led with before getting to his punch line? It wasn’t simply about a woman getting on a man’s nerves or pushing his particular set of buttons.

No, Chris Rock’s story was about a woman “who got it like that” – the kind who knows she can say whatever she wants to her man, and does just that – mercilessly emasculating him.

If you’ll make the leap with me from comedy to reality, there is only one woman like this in some men’s lives. And I’m not talking about Mom. For those of us in the married crowd, the woman “who got it like that” is the woman we vowed before God to love and protect through good times and bad, til death do us part. But based on the way we speak to each other sometimes, we act as if we wish death would part us.

If there ever were an Olympic event for getting cursed out, there are days when I know I’d be a gold medalist. Only until I found the woman I’d marry did I hear words that cut like steel and felt like two-ton bricks going upside my head. These words would’ve easily been deal breakers early on in our relationship. And if spoken by a man, they would have resulted in one of us being beat silly…

So is it best to argue, or leave it alone until you’ve calmed down? Read the rest of the article at and let us know.

If you DO decide to have a yelling match, here are 5 argument tactics to steer clear of.

THESE things can ruin a relationship for good.

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