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Sometimes eating right just isn’t enough – has 5 ways to speed up your metabolism and shed pounds!


“Metabolism” is the name of the bodily system that converts food calories to energy needed to perform various tasks, like pumping oxygen to muscles during a long walk. Many variables contribute to your metabolism, including heredity, gender, and age. But you can quicken yours; here’s how.

Exercise more.

When you walk, run, or lift weights, you increase the energy required of your body, which raises your metabolism then, and for hours afterward. “It’s not a huge spike, but it makes a difference,” says Gary Miller, PhD, associate professor of health and exercise science at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Work out with weights.

During weight training, muscle tissue is stressed; afterward, it’s repaired-which raises metabolism. A woman who strength trains three times a week for six months can build enough muscle to burn 10 to 32 extra calories a day, according to Robert Wolfe, PhD, professor of geriatrics at the University of Arkansas.

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