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Bathrooms are the most private public spaces in a home. It’s the place where some of your most private activities take place, the place where you hide your private self from the world (medications, glasses, your tooth whitener) and yet it also gets shared by visitors, friends and acquaintances alike who may or may not rummage through your medicine cabinet, look for extra toilet paper, use the closest (not necessarily the guest) towel. Here are some quick tips from our friends at

* If you have the space, corral towels in a basket (roll them up) or do what we do and hang extra towels on hooks on the back of your bathroom door.

* Put cleaning supplies in a plastic bin to keep them all together. In our bathroom we keep a shower spray, toilet bowl cleaner, windex and a mild scrub. This way they’re in easy reach so that it’s not hard to do a little bit every day – wipe down the sink after use, spray the shower, brush out the toilet — and keep the mess at bay.

* Once a month, go through everything and toss any outdated medicines or products that are old or unused.


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