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I blog because I want to educate and uplift my beautiful sisters…

No, I haven’t published a book; don’t have mega degrees or whatever stats you think I need to be creditable.

All I have is proof. I am a successful Black woman who is married to a gorgeous Black man and together we have a beautiful daughter. Those are my stats, and they all point to happiness.

I hope you’re satisfied. 

In my quest to educate and uplift my beautiful sisters I wanted to first start on redefining the word “feminist.” In my days at Howard University, a “feminist” was described in a nutshell, as a “manly” woman. A woman who only wears pants suits and flats and will light a match to her bra and make-up caboodle. Wrong.

First off, let’s tackle the touchy subject.

SEXUALITY. Stop with the whispers, Lil’ Kim is not a whore. Yea, her lyrics are raw, but c’mon … a Lil’ Kim lives inside all of us. We love sex, and lots of it. The female animal is the only creature on earth that has an organ whose sole purpose is for sexual pleasure. If you don’t know what organ I’m referring to, then you need to either take a trip to your local sex shop or kick your man to the curb, because clearly you have been disenfranchised.

The woman’s body is artwork at it’s finest. The curves of a woman’s hips, the arch of her back, the fullness of her breast, are just a few attributes of the woman’s body that oozes sexuality. And sexuality = power.

Take control. Take control at work, in your home and most importantly, in the bedroom. Don’t be scared to take control and guide your partner to your G-Spot. No partner? Then, take a drive down MAS-TER-Bation Avenue.  It is a one-way street, but I swear once you find this shortcut (if you haven’t already), you’ll learn every inch of your body and then some. Mediocre sex? Never again. Now, you know where he needs to go to get the job done.

Yea, I said it! Masturbation! So what, it’s not a vulgar word.

Let me tell you a little secret. No one will know. It’s between you and yours. LOVE YOURSELF LADIES. How can you expect someone else to? Men do it all day long. Doing it or thinking about it.

Stick with me, I’ve seen the Promise Land. It’s pretty.


Let me know your thoughts. Hit me up.

Mrs. Layla

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