The staff at HB recently started selecting BP’s comments in response to the stories that got you talking.  This week we’re shaking things up and posting the funniest comments. Don’t see your comments here? Get out there and speak on it.

And if you would like to nominate a BEST COMMENT for next week, please let us know…

BlackMiss62 commented on the Ginuwine/LisaRaye rumor

“Ginuwine…you KNOW you need to STOP lying! You was damn sure trying to HIT DAT AZZ! Young girls haven’t yet learned how to spot a liar and honey…from a 46 yr old who’s heard it all before…YOU ARE LYINNNNNNNG to save your AZZ! A HUGE clue..? When you tried to throw Lisa under the bus by saying whatever *it* was..didn’t come from YOUR part. Hmm…(smdh) typical cheater.”

JustJackie1 commented on the Beyonce Influence Over Young Girls story

“Then influence your sister to stop trying to OD on cough meds. Really B, they booed you at the super bowl that year. If I had a daughter I would tell that her giving a famous man a lap-dance on national TV does not make you a rolemodel. Come off of it.”

0VancouverHurts commented on Beyonce and Jay-Z Sleeping In Separate Beds story


Angelic_777 commented on Keyshia Cole’s Mom Wilding Out

“Frankie is a hot azz MESS! She is takes being hood and ghetto to the next level…She sure went down a few pant sizes from the time she got out of prison til now…I personally think she’s smokin on somethin!”

Darkerberry1 commented on Lil’ Kim’s New Asian Look

“Go head Asian dude! Lil Kim represented in this vid. too-I liked her flow. Yeah I wouldn’t spend money on this song or anything but if I came on the radio I wouldn’t change the station annnnnndddd….. I dont know if its her new cheek bones or not but she reminds me of that clown in ‘Saw”

AYARI_02 commented on The ATL Housewives Drama

“Isn’t the show called Real Housewives of ATL and not Real Mistresses and Hoes?”

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