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Something about Halloween brings the inner racist out of others. All of those dormant racist,  narrow-minded thoughts that people have about African Americans and other minority groups begin to slip out all in the name of Halloween fun! The debate is when to assume that it is all in good fun or when to take action because lines have been crossed?

One of accused this year is the mega store chain corporation Kohls. Kohl’s has pulled a Halloween wig from its website after outrage broke out on the store’s Facebook page over the name. The “Ghetto Fab” wig which is available in blond and brunette, is a poofy little wig with tight ringlets that is supposed to be attached onto the back of one’s head. What makes the wig ghetto or fabulous is not clear. However, Facebookers were not happy about this Halloween theme. The people took to their Facebook page to complain about the costume.

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“I am in no ways ‘ghetto’ and neither is my kinky hair,” wrote one poster. Another poster stated “A “Ghetto Fab” wig for Halloween? Seriously, Kohl’s?!,” wrote one poster. “I find the term “ghetto fabulous” TASTELESS!” Meanwhile Kohls reacted to the controversy and racist labels by initially changing the name to “Curly Wig” on their website. Still worried over more back lash, the company decided to pull the wig from online and in stores completely. The VP of Kohls public relations later issued a statement where he claimed that the wig “in no way reflects the values of our company”.

Kohls is not the first major chain store that has let their racist impressions of minorities slip during Halloween. Last year Target was scrutinized by the Latino community for having their “illegal alien” costume. The costume showed a space alien carrying a green card and included a prison-like jumpsuit with “Illegal Alien” stamped across the front. Target says that the costume was never intended to be on the website and blames the mistake on human error during data entry.

Target spokesman Joshua Thomas said the item was put on its website by mistake when an employee entered a wrong number into the system. Target has a strict review process with its vendors, he said. “We apologize. This was never intended to be part of our assortment. We are moving as quickly as possible to remove it from our website.” Others are not too sure if this was a mistake made by Target or a costume that was chosen in bad taste.

Has Halloween become an outlet for people to release their prejudice all in “good humor”?  Or are people too sensitive about issues of race and should not take these costumes seriously during Halloween?

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