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The internet went ablaze yesterday over the rumor that singer Beyonce was pregnant. Everyone reported that an anonymous source informed someone who told everyone else, that she was in her first trimester. Immediately, I knew that this rumor was untrue for several reasons that were drawn from common sense. Now, I am not saying that she will never have a baby, but I don’t think it will be any time soon.  Here are a few reasons why. Feel free to add on your own reasoning in the comments.

1.Beyonce is a 29 year old married woman.  With that being said, I’m sure she is not a virgin and as clue less as the media likes to make her, she knows the fundamentals of what it takes to become pregnant. Therefore, I’m sure by now she is on some type of birth control or contraceptive to prevent that from just suddenly happening.

Beyonce Is Pregnant?

2.Beyonce is a planner. She is in the studio working on her next album. She is not the type of starlet to have a surprise pregnancy. She seems to like to maintain a level of control.  Especially while she is in the middle of working on a new album. A baby is not in her immediate plans as of right now.  A new album is.

Tina Knowles: Beyonce Is Not Pregnant

3.The quotes that were used to confirm the pregnancy were from her sister Solange but they were old. These were quotes Solange made about Beyonce years ago in regards to the question of whether or not Beyonce would be a good mother one day.  Naturally, Solange thinks she will be.

4.Every year about this time, rumors emerge that Beyonce is pregnant. It’s like the media wants her to drop a kid more than she wants to have one. I don’t know if they want it so badly because they want to see what the kid will look like, or they want a break from her. Either way, yearly around this time, this exact rumor rears its ugly head.

5. Lastly, it does not seem that Beyonce is in a rush to become a Mother. She seems to currently be very invested in nurturing her career and for now, that appears to be her baby.

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