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Looks like ex-Destiny’s Child member LaToya Luckett is jacking Solange’s Motown style and Solange is mad as hell.

Solange says: ” I remember being n Idaho 4 years ago, pulling out all my old Martha & the Vandellas, Marvelettes and Supremes records,coming up with a vision wanting to create a new age 60’s girls group and modernize it. started working on soul-angel finding 2 girls and watching old shows. this was before amy winehouse so people thought i was truly bugging out. i did i decided wiith the two girls..watched about 25 old shows of all the girl groups and asking my sis to help me come up with moves ( she had just done dreamgirls) worked my but off on references…after i did i decided alot of folks were digging it but alot of folks thought were confused about “the look” now every which a way i turn..everyone is in a 60’s girl group reference. its like traditional r&b again to do the 60’s sound, look ect.

Watch LaToya’s video:

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