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Researchers used a version of the Love Attitude Scale, a quiz that asks people to describe how much they agree with various descriptions of love. Love Buzz found several versions of the quiz online. They include statements like “If you are going to love a person, you will ‘know’ after a short time” and “I could get over an affair with my partner pretty easily and quickly.”

The quiz shows how much you accept six types of love: Eros, Pragma, Banquet, Mania, Ludus and Storge. Yes, they sound like exotic birds or rivers in Greece, but they actually refer to various ways people think about the big l-o-v-e. Your values depend on your personality, and, to a large extent, on the culture you were brought up in.

Eros is passionate, physical, lustful love-the kind that gives you butterflies in your stomach and a tingling in certain other places.

Pragma is a practical love. People who conceive of love this way are pragmatic (you didn’t see that one coming, didja?) when looking for a partner. They choose their mate based on rational decisions about whom they fit best with.

Banquet is love that expresses itself through altruism, or making sacrifices for another person.

What are the other three types of love? Click here to find out, and tell us which one fits YOU the most!

What does your WALK say about you? Click here to find out.

Before you start thinking about love, you should probably define what relationship you’re in first.

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