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This will be my final mention of the Kanye West and Taylor Swift MTV awards incident. After Taylor’s recent performance semi-dedicated to Kanye West at the MTV awards; it can now be said that it is time for everyone, including the parties involved to move on.  Both parties involved seem to be ready to move on. If you need more reasons then here are a few thoughts on why everyone, especially the media should move past this.

Kanye has apologized… Numerous times

Kanye has apologized on numerous occasions to Taylor Swift and the public. He was also punished by the media, ignored and his appearance was not requested during other award shows. He spent the last year being ostracized for this. He served his time and a point was driven home to him.  I think his apologies are sincere. He knows what lines not to cross now.

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Taylor has accepted… Sorta-

Everyone felt that her song at the MTV awards was her way of accepting Kanye’s apology. It was the beginning of the “healing” process for both parties. It seems that even she is ready to move on from this, even if that means making a grand gesture as her acceptance of his apology.

The incident is old news

Let us not forget that this incident happened at least a year ago. It just seems more recent because it keeps being brought up and dragged out for more media coverage.

There is nothing more to be said

Everything that could be said about the situation between Kanye and Taylor has been said by someone, somewhere. There has been several blogs covering it; every spin that we can think of to this story has happened. It is time for both parties to move on and lift this cloud from their careers.

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