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It is the one of the age old debates between men and women. What roles, if any do women versus men play when being sexually harassed by men? This question is being brought up in the case of the NY Jets. Recently  Ines Sainz, a reporter for Mexico’s TV Azteca was doing a story on quarterback Mark Sanchez. She claims that while she was in the locker room, other teammates purposely threw the football around her so that another team mate could check out her butt. (The photo above Sianz claims is similar to the outfit she wore on the day of the harassment. )

Immediately I jumped to the defense of this reporter who no doubt was trying to do her job and deserves the respect and professionalism that she was giving in return. Until I saw an actual picture of what she was said to have worn that day. Which was a pair of skin tight jeans that accentuated her curves.  Which made me rethink my stance. All parties involved are to blame. Although she may be less to blame, by now she should have an idea that many of these football players are spoiled, rich men who are used to getting any woman that they want. Why give them more of a reason to look at you like a disposable piece of meat? When they get in packs this mentality only intensifies. For that, I feel as though her outfit may have been inappropriate for the particular setting.

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Granted, a woman is entitled to wear what she pleases but at what point should common sense play a role in her attire decisions? To me it is similar to walking down a dark alley, late at night, alone and other women have been previously raped down that same path. Instead of staying on the bright lit public street.  Sure you should be able to walk down any alley, any street, at any time of the day or night and no one has the right to harass you in any way. But if you know that there is clear and present danger there then why set yourself up for disaster? At what point does my actions play a role in my danger? So while I stand firm with the principle that a woman is entitled to wear what she wants, I also have to request that she exercise a bit of common sense and reality into the mix.

Of course I also think that if this story is true then the players should also be accountable for their behavior as well.  They should be required to exercise self control in all situations. Saying that, at what point do both parties have to take responsibility for their actions when it comes to some situations of harassment? The football players for their brute immaturity and lack of respect and the Reporter for her lapse in judgment? Or should the women never have any responsibility in these situations?

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