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I know some folks might think trading is only for the “small fries.” Don’t think it’s only for people who need to be creative, because they are strapped for cash. The “Big Macs” are getting in on it, too. Rich businesspeople are rich because they are creative with their partnerships and know how to strike a lucrative deal. It’s very true: Bartering is one of the best ways to hold on to your money. Simply ask some “Big Macs” like our friends Oprah, Donald, and Martha. Why not follow in their footsteps and embrace the world of bartering?


Oprah Winfrey OWNs a Television Network Now

Discovery Communications and Oprah Winfrey have announced a deal where the Discovery Health network will be bartered to Winfrey next year, and become OWN – the Oprah Winfrey Network. OWN will premiere in 2009 with a distribution in 70 Million U.S. homes and will be simulcast in HD.

The cash-free transaction involved Winfrey turning over half ownership of her website (over six million unique visitors a month) to Discovery, while the communications company makes her chairman of the network. Sweet deal, don’t you think? The two entities will be joint owners, i.e. 50/50 in ownership and profits.

Donald Trump Places His Bets in This Barter

Donald, chairman and CEO, bartered options in his Trump Hotel & Casino Resorts to acquire shares in Riviera Holding Corp., the Las Vegas casino company that owns the Riviera Hotel & Casino. The Riviera shares will help in his pursuit of a license to operate other casinos in Nevada, as Nevada authorities require applicants to own a stake in a casino before applying for a casino license.

Martha Stewart Reality?

Reality TV czar Mark Burnett created a reality show with Martha Stewart in 2005. The popular producer pursued Stewart and structured a lucrative trade enabling him to gain a stake in long-term revenue streams. Burnett secured the right to buy 2.5 million Martha Stewart Living shares.

For entrepreneurs and small business owners typically, trades can range from $10 to $10,000.

For larger companies there’s the corporate barter, where domestic trading of goods and services is practiced primarily at $500,000 and above, with many deals in the millions.

Internationally, major corporations, and governments themselves, engage in trade where a direct deal begins in the high six figures. Worldwide, total transactions are valued at tens of billions of dollars, annually.

We watch their shows, read their biographies, surf their sites, and fantasize about rolling around on a fluffy fur rug in their money (Oh, okay, maybe that’s just me. LOL!) So, you see, small business owners are just a piece of the pie in the world of barter. THE BARTER INDUSTRY ALONE CONSISTS OF OVER 600,000 companies involved worldwide that barter their products and services through trade exchanges and corporate barter companies. It’s a currency that many don’t take seriously and even though it’s not pure cash, it’s your time, resources, and/or products you are giving in exchange. Why not take a little lesson from how these shot callers are saving their millions, so you can work on MAKING yours. Who wants to fantasize forever, right?

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