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Are you looking to get on the fast track to success? Tired of your day-to-day doldrums in your current job? Here’s how to put out your feelers, amp up your skills, and meet the right people so when the time comes to move on, you’re more than ready:


The most low-risk way to think about your next career step is something you can even do at your desk: make a list. What is it about your job that you like? What aspects give you a sense of accomplishment? Which leave you feeling depleted? Are the hours great but the work soulless? Do you feel like you’re helping people but the pay barely covers your expenses? Like your co-workers but find you have to work individually more than you’d like? Get specific about where there’s room for improvement, so that when you see the qualities you’re looking for in the next position you’ll recognize them.


Often employers will pay for or subsidize classes that will allow their employees to bring top-notch design, copy-editing or computer skills to the office. Think about certifications that might make you a more attractive candidate or certain skills you need to brush up on or areas where you could use some improvement (spreadsheets, anyone?). You’ll meet people in related fields, gain some extra confidence, and have a concrete skill set to add to your resume.

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