Do your pots and pans often end up in an awkward towering heap in your cabinets? Here are some tips that will keep them from being damaged.

1.  Pull out all your pot and pans (including woks, roasting pans and steamers), along with their lids. Throw out anything that’s gouged, nicked or burned beyond repair, including nonstick pans if the coating is peeling.

2. Scan your kitchen: Does it make sense to return the pans to their drawer or cabinet, or do you need the space for other appliances? Free up space by installing a wall- or ceiling-mounted pot rack or a Peg-Board outfitted with hooks.

3. Make cabinets that house pots and pans more efficient by installing a deep, slide-out drawer. Nest pots and pans as much as possible. Start with the roasting pan on the bottom, then stack pots followed by frying pan.

4. Target a shallow drawer for the lids. Or, organize them in a lid rack (available at organizational and hardware stores) or a long, thin plastic basket that will fit in your drawer or cabinet.

Do you store your pots in your oven? Tell us where you store your pots and pans.

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