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I’ve been blessed with having the type of hair that I can wear straight or curly.  Of course, I like to make that decision for myself, rather than have Mother Nature decide.  There’s nothing worse than spending time with the flat iron or curling iron, only to go outside and have the humidity or rain wreck havoc on my do.

On those humid days (you know the ones we refer to as a bad hair day), I wonder why there isn’t a product that actually banishes the frizz from our curls and stop dry hair from going hay wire.  Well, look no further, I’m here to tell you we can now kiss those bad hair days good-bye, thanks to Blended Beauty hair products.

I started out by using the Soy Cream shampoo, which contains Soy and Grapeseed oil. It  left my hair feeling smooth and tangle free. Once I washed out the shampoo, I used the Quenching Conditioner which is designed specifically for detangling unruly curls (curly girls all over the world can relate).

Once I got out of the shower, I mixed the Curly Frizz Pudding and the Silk Shake and proceeded to work it through my hair and went about my business.  In the past, my curls would look great for a few hours and then fall flat. I went to work, came home, checked out the hair and it was still shiny and frizz free. I couldn’t stop playing with my curls.

After a few days, my curls did start to look a little lackluster, so I got out the Kick For Curls, which is supposed to jump start your curls, mixed it with the Silk Shade and my curls were as good as new.

I’ve tried most products on the market and this one is definitely a must have.

Prices range from $18.50 to $20.00 at blendedbeauty.com

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