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The premiere of the movie “The Lottery Ticket”, an all African American cast movie occurred this past week and there has been hype surrounding its release on the urban blogs.  I don’t get what the excitement is about. It seems to be just another urban comedy where all the colored folks are doing slap stick comedy with a weak, unrealistic, story line. Haven’t we had enough of those in the recent years? This is one premise that I am bored with. Why should we be limited to this one genre?

Lottery Ticket L.A. Premiere

Black people survive though some of the most difficult situations in life through comedy. I can appreciate that we use comedy to smile when sometimes there ain’t s**t to smile or laugh about in our lives. Yet, I still yearn for there to be more depth and variety in our movies. Where are the dramas?  When was the last time you saw a well written Black romance? I think the last time I saw one was the movie Love Jones. Where are the action flicks starring an all Black cast? Since when did everything have to be about shucking, jiving and being silly?  What if I don’t want to shuck and have no idea how to jive? Are there any other films for the Black audiences who expect more thought to be put into their films? Why should it be that if I want to see an urban film with people of color, it has to be a comedy?  Or even worse, they have to be doing their best coon impression with all of the usual stereotypes implanted throughout the film.

Trailer: Bow Wow, Naturi and Mike Epps Star In Lottery Ticket

Don’t mention Tyler Perry to me. Sure he does make African American films and some are dramas but usually the story lines are subpar at best and not very well written. In fact at times you can tell from his some of his films that Mr. Perry has never taken the time out to be properly trained at a film school because they lack a cohesive story line.  They include the same generic types of characters personalities, and are far too simple. The story is quickly tied up  in the end and everything works out perfectly and everyone is happy.  Which, I can admit, can be a good watch sometimes because it allows you to temporarily escape from the troubles of real life but what about the times when the audience is in need of more character depth and a more dynamic story line? Perry is unable to deliver.

My point is that I have nothing against urban comedies, I just wish that there was more of a balanced playing field between the silliness and sincere, well written, dramatic or even romantic scripts for Black actors.  One can assume from the more recent line up of urban films that the demand for these types of films went out in the 90’s. I try to support the more recent Black films but they always leave me wanting more.

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