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We all have a hard time transitioning from the tank tops and flip flops to the sweaters and boots.  It’s time to invest in your wardrobe to make the change as bearable and stylish as possible.

We can’t go right to the socks, right? Here are a few ways to slowly keep yourself up to date with the weather while still rocking your favorites from this summer:

Flats: This summer was all about the flip flops or going barefoot.  Open toed heels were the in thing and you could see people’s pedicures everywhere.  Autumn doesn’t mean that your feet need to be completely covered already! I have always been a big fan of flats: they cover your toes for those nights that are starting to get a little breezy.  They keep your toes dry when the rain starts coming back and puddles are around.  Rather than go straight to the socks, sneakers, and boots everyday, warm your feet up slowly by wearing around flats like a champ.

Scarves: Once the goosebumps start appearing, people reach for the baggy sweat shirts way too soon.  Warm yourself up with style and look into scarves.  I have started seeing the light scarves come out already and they have beautiful prints.  They are easy to wear and do the job of getting you ready for the colder weather.

Blazers: I have always been a promoter of blazers.  They are cute and do the job of keeping you warm.  Rather than go right for the bulky clothing to throw over your t-shirt in the next few months, get a few fitted blazers.  They go with anything and add style and sophistication to your outfit!

Tights: Don’t pack up those cute dresses that you bought this summer already! You can still rock them as the weather gets colder, just throw on something to keep your legs warm.  Tights have always been in, and they can help your body react to the temperature changes.  You can still keep it stylish by getting some fun panty hoes and incorporating them into your outfit.

So what do you say? The slight weather changes doesn’t mean that you need to give up all the style that you gained this summer! Do you have any other ideas on ways to stay stylish in the cooler weather?


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