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This will be the last time that I make reference to the situation in the media concerning Montana Fishburne, her sex tape and her muse Kim Kardashian. After seeing the reaction towards Montana’s decision as well as the reaction to her claiming her reasoning for embarking on this whorish road was inspired by Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton’s fame after their recorded sexual exploits, there is only one point left for me to bring into discussion. I have contemplated this for a while now and I think I was mistaken for blaming the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton for making no way into HOE WAY. They are not completely to blame for this approach to celebrity. You know who takes the other half of the blame? We do. Yeah, you too.

Fishburne And Daughter Haven’t Spoken Yet

We are to blame as well for Montana’s Fishburne decision to do porn to reach fame. Kim Kardashian made her career from having sex with Ray J on tape. People bought this sex tape. She was then able to parlay that into a reality show, followed by her introducing her family into fame and dozens of endorsements for everyone. Someone, somewhere had to have been willing to accept her, learn more about her and engage with her and her life. Those “someones” are every single person who turned to the channel “E” on whatever day and time “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” aired and watched it. Those “someones” are the same people who see her on the cover of a magazine while they are down the check out aisle of the grocery store and spend an extra 4 or 5 bucks on the magazine to learn about the latest break up between her and Reggie or whichever NBA or Football player she has moved on to next. We have molded this woman into a celebrity and she literally has no talent. Her celebrity was gained simply from her laying on her back, and in some scenes on her side taking in doses of B-list penis on video. It is time that we take responsibility.

We could have rejected Kim. We could have said you are a nobody. We are not going to care about you and your life or your family’s life JUST because you can suck a mean one…But… we didn’t. Instead we tuned in. We wanted more of her. We gave her our attention and requested that…. To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt

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