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There is something about the infamous “ride or die” chick that men love. They love the fact that she is loyal, and trustworthy.  Oh, and the idea that she will never leave – no matter what he does. Every man has some idea in his mind of the characteristics of his personal ride or die chick. I can understand why a man would want one by his side but there should always be a limitation to this. No matter how much a woman loves her man she should exercise some type of restraint at some point. “Ride or die” does not equate to accepting all or nothing. Keep in mind that these rules are for women who are unmarried.

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1. Giving a man that is not your husband your last dollar

Never give a man your very last dollar. I do not care if he insists that he will pay you back or how much he needs it. A single woman should always have her own stash of money.  If you absolutely feel the need to give him your very last dollar for whatever reason then make sure you set the precedent that this should not be a reoccurring action.

2. Waiting during a jail stint

I do not feel that a woman should stop her life in any fashion while her man is in jail. Especially if he put himself in the position to be locked up with his actions. I’m not suggesting that you are not there for him or never visit him. I am suggesting that you continue on with your life. Even if that means dating someone else while he is away. Hopefully not that many readers have to experience this.

3. Accepting disrespect, public humiliation, etc.

Never accept any form of public humiliation. Whether it be from him flirting with another woman, being caught cheating in public, etc.  There should always be lines of respect drawn in which he knows are a big no-no to cross. Respect should always be one of the first components of love.

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4. Putting his needs before yours consistently

Sometimes you may want to be selfless and give of yourself. You may want to place his needs before your own. I am not saying that you should never do these things. However, if it happens consistently and especially if he requests that you do it often, then that is the time that you need to STOP. Regain your position and the control over yourself. Loving someone unconditionally does not equate to putting yourself on the back burner.

5. Cheating

You do not have to accept cheating to be a “down” girlfriend. All it means is that you are an accepting girlfriend and have little value for yourself. It also means that you will tolerate any mess that comes your way and roll with the punches no matter how hard the blows are for you. Refuse to be someone’s rag doll.

Feel free to add on your own advice…

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