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6 Ways To Push Yourself Mentally

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It’s possible that sometimes, all you need is a little pushing. Life can be strenuous and unpredictable at times, but in order to truly appreciate what the outside world has to offer, you have to give yourself a mental boost. Maybe you’re overtired and everything seems worse than it is. Perhaps you know what you want to do, but you just have to push yourself in order to not miss out on something important. Either way, it’s vital to put a strong emphasis on your mind and refuel your thoughts in order to get the most out of life! How can you change the way you think in order to be a more productive person?

1. If you don’t brush away what’s unproductive and hindering, then who will? You are who you are and no one else can be the instigator in the change of your thought patterns than you. Even if people try to help you, you’re the only one who can push yourself mentally. Repeat to yourself what’s most important in your life. Maybe you just need to reorganize yourself and get the negative energy out of your inner circle. Think about what’s highest on your priority list and go for it!

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2. Have a strong circle around you to help get your mind in gear. Changing what’s not helping you in the long run is a strong way to be, especially if you have people reassuring you that you can do it. Don’t push away from the people that could be influential in the way you think! People will appreciate and respect you for your efforts of change, so make the most of your outside resources.

3. Revitalize your options. Give yourself multiple options of how to think in order to make the most out of what you have. There’s always more than one answer to a problem. If you’re unsure of how to proceed with changing your thoughts, ask one of your many confidants and try and come up with a solution!

4. Tighten up your thoughts. If you feel like you’re just repeating the same things in your mind, make yourself think them once and then put them in a bottle. Figuratively throw that bottle in the ocean and move toward more productive thoughts. Think of what’s most important and push the “throw-away” commentary in your mind away. While this might be hard to do in practice, once you acknowledge your control over what you think, then it’s easier to reign in the unproductive!

5. Don’t dwell on the negative. Thoughts that are “unproductive” are usually the negative ones that crop up and don’t leave. Let yourself push those aside in favor of the positive and productive ideas that push you forward. Learning how to control how you think is one of the most important lessons life can teach you, as it strengthens you and helps you move forward.

6. Think of your mind as a harbor. This is an anecdote I got from the book I’m reading (and soon to be movie!) Eat, Pray, Love. Your “self” is an island in the middle of your mind, while the thoughts are the ships that come near the harbor. You can choose which ideas are able to come near your island, therefore, #4 is very useful in weeding out what’s irrelevant and bringing you to a better place in your mind. Once you make yourself the “ruler” of your mind, then you can be the commander of the ships that go through it!

Pushing yourself mentally can make you stronger, so sisters, don’t forget – you are in control of yourself and what you think! Never forget that what’s in your mind can be altered and that nothing is too big to conquer if you have the will to do it!

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