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Co-workers at water coolerIf you don’t think you’re being judged at work, then think again. Your manager, your co-workers, and even visiting clients have their own impressions of you and your workplace behavior. Admit it, wouldn’t you like to get into the mind of your co-workers and see what they think of you?Most employees don’t get enough feedback to understand what they need to do to succeed at work. In the internet age, people don’t just judge you based solely on their interactions with you at work. They are searching for your name online, through a variety of search engines and social networks. Co-workers are curious to learn more about you, and your personal life, whether you like it or not.

Here are five ways you might be judged at work, without even realizing it:

1. The bad dresser

You know the type of workers that come to work with two different socks on or those that aren’t dressing to fit the corporate corporate. They wear suits in a casual work environment or jeans on Tuesday’s in a more uptight environment. The bad dresser tends to not fit in socially, and therefore is perceived as an outsider to the group. What you wear says a lot about you. You might want to think before you post a photo of your ripped pants online, or before you wear that stained dress shirt to work. The little things matter!

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2. The social networker

Workers are addicted to social networking. Don’t get caught on Facebook by your co-workers or management, or they will perceive you as both unproductive, and not taking work seriously. Social network use in the workplace has risen from 19% to 24%, states a new study by Trend Micro. It’s easy to catch a “social networker” goofing around online because everyone is connected through the web, from Facebook to Twitter. The problem is that when you catch your co-worker updating their Facebook status, you’re just as guilty as them because you’re using it too.


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