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Let’s face it: Anyone who is planning a trip abroad is also hoping for a romance story to tell her girls when she gets back.  We all expect to take on some unsuspecting locals and show them what it means to be from America.  Of course, it is possible to have the fairytale ending that we see in every movie.  It’s also important, however, to stand your ground and not let the native tongue sweep you off your feet too fast!

The ideal situation would be to go to the airport heading home in style: on the back of the motorcycle of some hunk who makes your heart melt just by saying his name.  You met in a small cafe when he knew exactly how you like your coffee and everything took off since then. Okay: time to get real.

Most foreign men know exactly what to do and say to make your heart melt. The second their native language comes out, it’s essentially ‘game over’ for most girls.  “Te amo,” he whispers in your ear on the dance floor: it undoubtedly gets us every time.  It’s important to keep in mind that you are a tourist in an unfamiliar area.  He is going to try to flatter you just as hard as you would take on a foreign hottie in your neck of the woods.  Here are some horror abroad stories that I have collected over the past few days:

“I met this guy at a bar and we talked a little bit.  When I ran into him again the next day and he remembered my name, so I thought that I should give him more of a chance.  I was spitting out every possible word of Italian that I could remember and he flattered me with profound thoughts about love and life. He seemed so mature and put together, very different from the guys I usually date in the states.  Although we didn’t discuss many specifics about his life, he did mention that he is a successful business owner.  When he asked me to leave with him, the truth came out. I found out that he is 23 and lives with his parents.  I’m 35 with a full time job.

“I met this guy in Israel and he was doing everything right.  I was really young and stupid and blew him off because he had the same name as my brother.  I ended up getting wasted that night and barely remembered anything about him the next day.  Coincidentally, we met again the next night and this time his name was different.  Sure enough, we ended up hooking up.  2 weeks later I find out that he DOES have the same name as my brother and had made up the exact life story that I had told him that I want to find in a guy the night before.  I guess I blame myself for being dumb and too drunk, but he definitely knew how to spit game after he knew what I wanted.”

Time to be positive.  There are definitely people who managed to work their way into the foreign world and come out with a gentlemanly stud.  It’s all about standing your ground and making sure that you aren’t being taken advantage of.  Not all foreign men are jerks just because they are hot:

“I met a guy at a dance club one night and he was actually Prince Charming.  It seemed as though he was right out of the books my mom used to read to me when I was little. He bought me dinner and took me to sights that I didn’t even know existed.  I was nervous about getting too attached to him because I was leaving in a few days but I decided to just live it up while I could.  Admittedly, I was devastated when I was leaving, but he has actually been keeping in touch with me and is a great friend to me now.”

“I have some family in Italy so I was going out with them a lot when I visited.  My cousin introduced me to her friend that she was sure I would hit it off with.  Sure enough, I found myself laughing like a fool after each martini that passed.  I’m usually not the “mushy gushy” type, but I definitely fell in love that night.  We didn’t hook up the first night but I think that I learned more about him that night than I have ever learned about a person in one sitting. I’m usually pretty standoff-ish in front of people that I don’t know.  For whatever reason, he made me appreciate men in general more than I ever have… some of them really know what they are talking about!”

So spill: Did you have any horror hook-ups abroad? Or maybe you found “the one” by chance? Fill us in!

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