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Picture this: You are career woman who has devoted much of your life to fulfilling your dreams in your career and moving up the corporate ladder with fierceness. You feel that you are at your peak, but there is one thing missing. Well, make that two. You want a child, but you are not in a stable or long-term relationship. What do you do?  Continue to seek out that Prince Charming and hope to one day have a family before your eggs vanish? Or skip the middle man, literally, and get yourself a sperm donor?

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Believe it or not, there are women who choose to go in the direction of a sperm donor. They have given up on the idea of having a husband so they move on to a component that they can control. That is having the child. The question is whether or not this avenue is a selfish one, as the child will not have a Father figure?

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You can look at this from two very distinct points of view.

One being that there are mothers who raise children without fathers and manage to do an excellent job at doing so.

Then there is the component that it can be seen as selfish of the woman for having a child purposely, and knowing that there will never be a father figure in that child’s life. After all, doesn’t every child deserve to have one? For some children, the absence of father figures has a negative effect on them that stay with them until adulthood, while others are able to live and grow without one and never miss having that figure in their lives. Some are lucky enough to find father figures in other men such as uncles, brothers, grandpa’s etc., so they never feel the void.

Should a woman who is ready for a child but does not see marriage in her future give up on becoming a mother altogether? Or is it completely plausible for her to have a child through the help of a sperm donor and raise that child without a father?

Is a woman selfish for having a child though a sperm donor? Should she continue to wait on her Prince Charming despite her own needs and wants?

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