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As sweet as pet names can be, we all feel a little nauseous when we overhear other people taking it past a certain level.  The hard part is to figure out where the cut-off line is.  I knew that this was something that I wanted opinions on after I heard someone on the subway say, “Don’t worry, Sugarplum, of course I will hold the door for you!”

I personally think that pet names are acceptable.  They can definitely be cute and add a lot to relationships.  However, I think that there is a limit. Pet names should be personal and should not be thrown around constantly in public. Keep them meaningful and romantic, the worst would be to overuse a cute nickname!

The more personal that pet names are, the better.  Of course, the guy could have been calling her Sugarplum because she was the Sugarplum Fairy in her 4th grade play. Yet, because he was using this odd nickname in public, I had no way of knowing that and couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the thought of it.

Here are some common pet names:

Baby/babe: I think this one is always sweet no matter what.  It might seem overused or an easy way out, but it definitely still gives me butterflies.

Sexy: This one can be flattering, but should only be used at certain times during certain moments.

Darling: This isn’t something that I hear people use often, but I think it has a very endearing tone to it.

Love: Like darling, this makes me melt. Call me a romantic, but the phrase “Hey Love” makes me smile no matter what.

Favorite:  This is my fav.

Although pet names can be fun, be careful about too many people hearing them! They can become awful nicknames from people that you don’t want calling you something like “muffin.”

What are your thoughts on pet names? Is there such thing as too much when it comes to terms of endearment? Does the idea of nicknames give you butterflies or make you want to puke? What are some of your favorites and least favories? Anything specific that you like calling your man?

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