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Let’s face it: passion can really be painful. Whether it’s because the two of you are both being rough or something happens by accident, love making can result in some serious injuries.  Although it’s painful and humiliating, these stories are definitely entertaining for a girl’s night out over a bottle of wine.

As soon as I brought up the topic of sexual slip-ups, rug burn was the first response from everyone.  But hey, you can’t help it if things get hot and heavy before you get the chance to find a reasonable surface! The one rug burn story that sounded extra intense was when my friend got it so bad that it drew a lot of blood.  Somehow  it got infected and resulted in a worse injury than she thought.  So be sure to treat your cuts with anti-bacterial gel asap!

As more glasses of wine were consumed, the more serious injury stories began to pour out…

One would think that the bed is the safest place to be.  Jess, on the other hand, begs to differ.  Not only has she fallen off the bed repeatedly resulting in bumps and bruises, but she actually suffered from a mild concussion after hitting her head on the headboard.  Key to safety in bed? Surround yourself with pillows.

What’s worse than falling off of a normal bed? Falling off of a bunk bed.  Even worse- being on top and slamming your head against the ceiling before falling off the bed. So as exciting as it can be to be up high, be careful of your surroundings and remember just how high you are.

There are countless stories of people pulling muscles while in bed.  You have to remember that sex is a type of exercise. Just like other exercises, it’s important to stretch beforehand.  So if you are feeling especially sore, be careful and take a few minutes to loosen up before going crazy.

I guess that love really does hurt! Have any funny bedroom mishaps? Give us the overview (without the dirty details)!

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