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With all of the negative media attention surrounding Black women it would seem that Black women are being picked apart from their physical appearance to their mentality. Which is why it is important to banish the negative stereotypes that harden the image of Black women. Check out these negative stereotypes of Black women that aren’t always true.

1.We Don’t Take Care Of Our Bodies

There is a generalization of Black women that they have no interest in taking care of our bodies. Or that we have no interest in eating right or going to the gym. We often hear about the research and studies that show how overweight Black women are and yes there are some overweight Black women. However, in the recent years with the health buzz that has become popular there also has been a rise in women of all races wanting to live a healthier life and live longer.

2. We Don’t Like To Listen To Our Men

Black women are raised to be strong minded. However, if we feel that he is responsible and we trust him then we have no problem listening to our man. It is only when we do not trust him or his motives that our guards begin to rise again and the trust vanishes.

3. We Don’t Want Or Have The Urge To Get Married

Despite the recent interest in successful Black women being single and assumed to not have any interest in marriage, the truth is that many of us do want to be married one day. Just because a woman has high aspirations for her career does not mean that she does not still yearn for her soul mate.

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4. Our Hair Defines Us

Yes, Black women do love their hair. We enjoy how beautiful a fresh style will make us feel. What women doesn’t love a fresh salon look? However as we have seen from the recent wave of Black women in entertainment shaving their heads, our hair does not define us.  Hair no longer is used as the only vessel to make us feel attractive or even complete.

5. We Do Not Get Along With Other Women

This is a stereotype of all women. But it always seemed to me that Black women received the grunt of the burden of this because we are assumed to be overly aggressive and angry. Therefore, how could we ever co-exist together drama free? This simply is not always the case.

6. We Do Not Like To Perform Oral Sex

This stereotype in itself is unproven. For one, any woman who is in love with her man will put in the effort to please him as long as he is pleasing her. It is in a woman’s nature to want to keep her partner happy.

7. We Like To Argue And Fight Hence The Negative Attitude

Some women who possess this stereotypical attitude do this as a defense mechanism. I honestly do not believe that they enjoy being bitchy. It has become a means of protecting themselves from a world that is not always kind to them.

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8. We Are Gold Diggers

All women of every culture enjoy being lavished or cared for financially. Truth be told what women doesn’t? Hell! What person doesn’t? This is not just a Black woman’s thing.

9. We Like Dog Ass Men

Women of all races may find themselves attracted to the bad boy or at least the man who you KNOW is no damn good for you. Some women have to train themselves to distance themselves from being attracted to the wrong type of man who might not be as exciting but probably will treat them a hell of a lot better than the bad boy would.

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