Weight gain can be a serious issue in some relationships. We’ve all seen court show after court show where the root of the problem is someone gained weight now the other person isn’t interested anymore. I have friends who say you should always love someone no matter how their outside appearance changes. I have other friends who say they keep it tight because if they did not their man would look elsewhere and they wouldn’t blame him.

Recently a reader asked us how she could get her husband to work out more with her. He used to be fit but after an injury lost his mojo and started gaining weight. Fast forward several years and she admits that sometimes his body turns her off from wanting to be intimate.

The best advice we can give is to lead by example. You can work out and ask that person to work out with you. If they won’t go to the gym ask them to take a long romantic walk. Change your eating habits and ask them to join you. Try to make it into a team effort and you both may benefit from the results. Encourage your mate when you see progress and perhaps add a few incentives that we’ll leave up to your imagination. Last thing, don’t forget that men and women communicate differently. Telling your wife,”you need to drop 15 so you can get your sexy back” probably won’t have the same affect that it would if she told you that.

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