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Whether or not you believe there’s an end in sight to America’s economic woes, now might be just the right time for you to lend a helping hand to a girl in need.

Women For Women

Women and young girls continue to be extremely marginalized as a result of civil war, famine, and internal displacement in their home countries. They are victims of sexual harassment, discrimination and violence and are often unheard amidst the general chaos of life as a survivor.

Women for Women is an organization aimed at improving the socio-economic outcomes of female victims of war, torture and rape from across the world. The group provides financial aid, job training and education to ‘help women go from victim to survivor to active citizen.’ There is a range of sponsorship and donation options for those wishing to contribute.

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Hope for Haiti

The ongoing struggle taking place in Haiti has severely disadvantaged the women and children of Haiti. As single mothers, sole breadwinners and leaders, some women continue to be at the heart of large displaced families or communities, while  half (approximately 1.3 million) of all Haitian children are without access to education.

With 20 years of experience, Hope for Haiti continues to be the driving force behind the improvement of the livelihoods of Haitians living in poverty. The group operates education programs that aim to reduce the number of children without access to quality education, as well as nutrition, clean water and emergency relief projects to help families and communities improve their current situation.

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Women in Need – New York City

Established in 1983, Women in Need seeks to deliver some of life’s most basic necessities to the women and children currently living on the streets of New York City.

The organization estimates that 80 per cent of NYC’s homeless are women and children. Each night WIN takes in 2,500 people and shelters them in temporary facilities. They are  also pursuing more permanent ventures such as health services and summer camps for children.

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UNCF – The College Fund

In collaboration with the 39 member colleges it supports across the South, the UNCF has established The College Fund as a means to ‘close the educational attainment gap between African Americans and the majority population.’ The Fund manages 400 scholarship and internship programs, many of which are targeted at students from poorer socio-economic backgrounds.

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American Red Cross

America’s Gulf has battled against nature on more than one occasion over the past few years. Consecutive hurricanes and the recent oil spill have left a trail of destruction and heartbreak throughout the towns and cities of the region.

The brave women of the South will continue to need support in insuring a stable future for their families and communities in general.

The American Red Cross currently has teams and local chapters working to combat the difficulties faced by those affected by the Gulf oil spill and is also preparing residents for the onset of the coming hurricane season.

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