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Being in love is a wonderful feeling. However, one can overdose on love and lose themselves in their significant other and this is road that you do not want to go down. Have You Lost Yourself In Your Man? Here are 7 clues that you might have:

1. You no longer do the things that you love

You stop doing the things that make you happy because they make your man unhappy. This does not include self destructive behavior obviously. I am speaking more so about hobbies that you enjoy but that he might think are a waste of time.

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2. You never spend time with family friends

When you are in love with your man you might spend a lot of time with him. However, if it is to the point where you no longer see your friends or family at all because you never want to leave his side then that is when you lose yourself.

3. Your decisions must be approved by him or else you lose confidence in them.

If you must have his approval on your decisions in order for you to proceed with them then you might be losing yourself. Especially if deep down YOU know the decision is right for you but you have a strong desire for him to agree. If he does not agree then you suddenly lose confidence in what you originally thought was right for you.

4. You are only comfortable with yourself when you are not with him.

You are no longer comfortable in your own skin when you are alone. You cannot even be at home alone with yourself because you no longer feel complete with just being with you.

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5. The majority of your thoughts are in connection with him.

When you are in love, sure you think of your loved one but the thoughts of him should not completely replace the thoughts of yourself. Your own well being, priorities, etc should not vanish because you have a man.

6. You no longer handle your own business.

Because you spend so much time with him you stop handling your own business. Or even worse is when you lose the desire to fulfill your own goals and aspirations. Your world revolves around him and his goals and dreams. Yours no longer matter.

7. You agree with his views on topics to please him.

Agreeing with his views on things even when you know deep down that you don’t is an obvious sign that you are losing yourself in your man. You are so in love that you cannot even formulate your own opinion and stand by it for fear that he might be disappointed in your views

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