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It’s 8am and in addition to having the hangover from hell, you need to make some quick decisions.  You see all of your things in a corner: you can either make a quick getaway and let him wake up alone, or you can make some pancakes and surprise him with breakfast in bed.  How do you decide what the next move is without giving the wrong signals?

Let’s say you want out… now: Leaving in a hurry could be a really bad decision.  Unless the night was a COMPLETE mistake, you should probably give him a heads up.  What if you try to make a quick getaway and pull a Cinderella by leaving something behind  that could lead him to you? Even if this isn’t someone that you ever want to see again, let him know.  You don’t want him to think you’re interested and continue to contact you until you have to block his number.  Pull the “late for a meeting” excuse and jet.  The easiest way to avoid future contact without sounding completely rude is by avoiding giving out your contact information.

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You had fun? Keep it going without coming off as clingy: If this is someone that you like and want to see again, you want to let him know without seeming too serious too fast.  Throw on his dress shirt and get both of you some coffee.  Have a small breakfast together and leave.  Don’t stay for too long, and he will probably want to get dinner with you later that night.  This is when you might want to pull a Cinderella.  If you’re feeling adventurous, leave behind a little something (make up, scarf) that he will hold onto until you see each other again.

Unsure? Need some more time? Give yourself a few days so that you don’t keep doing the same thing then regretting it.  Make a plan for later in the week and see how you feel until then.  Use that time to try to figure out his deal and decide if it’s something that you want to pursue.  Just remember that one drunken night doesn’t make you obligated to see him again- It’s important to do what you want to.

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