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Tennis star Venus Williams has been under rapid fire as of late because of a flesh tone outfit that she recently wore at the French Open at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris. The critics are saying that Williams outfit was too revealing for the event and was not appropriate. My verdict: Leave Venus Alone. This is not the first time that the Williams sisters have come under media criticism because of their “scandalous” outfits. The Williams sisters have been known to add their individual personality to their outfits however, for the most part they are wearing the same skimpy standard outfits that all of the female tennis players wear.  So why are they constantly being ridiculed? Some say that this particular outfit that Venus wore was too revealing due to it being flesh toned. The question “Is she naked?”  has filled various websites and blogs since she debuted the outfit.

Are You Your Sistah’s Keeper?

True enough the outfit Venus wore was flesh toned but who cares? Are critics really expecting for Venus to never wear anything flesh tone? No, no, that would be unrealistic wouldn’t it? Let’s be honest. This situation is not just about whether or not the flesh tone shorts were innapropriate. This situation is about body image. Venus and Serena Williams are two bootylicious chocolate women with thick thighs, booties that won’t stop and are the best at what they do. Beating White women on the tennis court on a daily basis. That is where the real problem lies. The Williams sister’s curves make some critics, viewers, and judges both White and Black, nervous.  I guarantee if the Williams sisters were the Brokowski sisters, who were slim, and lean, and also wore flesh tone outfits, they would not be under this same fit of criticism.

Think about it. At least once a year one of the Williams sisters is attacked for some reason or another. Much more so than any of the other female tennis stars. Meanwhile they continue to whoop ass on the tennis court and become more and more legendary.  I am not insisting that they are angelic and never bring any of the situations on themselves.  Case in point being when Serena Williams was heard cursing at one of the judges a few months ago. This was a situation that she brought on herself.  However, much like other Black entertainers and athletes, they are under constant stressful scrutiny.

Venus Williams Wears Lingerie on Tennis Court

Here is the clincher folks, sometimes any negative attention they get is usually blown out of proportion and it goes back to the age old rule that “White is always right”. This rule basically explains that any African American who is successful in the public eye is never allowed to make any mistakes. Meanwhile they live under constant dissection as the critics patiently wait on their ultimate mistake and eventual fall from grace. During their fall they will immediately be criticized, judged, and villainized. The truth of the matter is that the same rules do not and never will apply for Black celebrities and athletes as they do for their White counterparts. They will always be judged more critically over the slightest mistake. Simply because they are Black and the media gets a sick joy out of their downfall. Unfortunately, due to some of their ignorance, some of the stars fall prey to this trap. Tiger Woods is a prime example. At one point he was the Golden Child and now he has been thrown back into reality and is being labeled as just another dumb Black athlete.

Bottom line is that the Williams sisters are two voluptuous women and the color of their shorts will never hide that fact.

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