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When you wake up in the morning, the last thing you want to do is put on tight, uncomfortable clothes.  As you stand in front of your closet, every possible unappealing outfit runs through your mind- until you spot the leggings.  Careful though, leggings can’t be thrown together with every outfit! We all know that leggings are “in” and moreover, that leggings are hot.  But let’s be honest, squeezing into a pair is not always easy.
For many of us, leggings are an easy way out- when our pants and jeans are too tight, we count on our ever faithful leggings to provide comfort and style.  Leggings are meant to hide our insecurities and flaunt our positive features.  The elasticity tightens your body, revealing your curves and muscles.  However, it’s really easy to wear leggings the wrong way and give off the wrong impression- follow these simple tips and flaunt what you want!

Rule of thumb:

Avoid the camel toe! It’s really easy to show too much when wearing spandex.  If you feel uncomfortable, chances are that other people can tell.  Always wear a shirt that is long enough to cover anything bad that the spandex highlights.  This includes love handles, also!

For people who are short, it’s really easy for leggings to remind everyone of your height.  In this case, add a pair of pumps to the outfit and you’re golden.  The length added by the heels allows people to focus on the shape and muscle in your legs instead of your height.

Printed leggings are dangerous.  If you’re trying to pull off patterned spandex, then wear a solid top.  Leggings are pretty attention grabbing as it is- you don’t want to have too much going on.

When hanging out at home, leggings make it easy to be comfortable and sexy at the same time.  Sweat pants hide all the positive features that your legs have to offer.  Throw on a pair of leggings with a sweatshirt instead and look even cuter when watching tv on the couch.

Overall, don’t say no to leggings! Take a risk and test them out- but remember to make sure that you’re comfortable in your outfit, and to follow the rules above!


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