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We’d never advise people against exercising, but here are a few tips (that don’t require much effort) that will have you feeling healthier in no time!

Take two items out of your handbag.

Experts say women often carry too much in their purse. Plop your bag on a scale; lugging more than 10 percent of your body weight can hurt your posture and leave you stiff and sore, says Marie Savard, M.D., coauthor of Ask Dr. Marie.

Put fruit in a bowl on the counter.

You’re more likely to reach for a healthy snack if it’s visible and convenient, research has found. So keep apples and oranges out where you can easily grab them.

Don’t “forget” to pee.

Extra pressure from the bladder can stress the urethra, making a woman more prone to urinary tract infections. Don’t stall when the urge strikes, says Dr. Savard.

Click off the TV during dinner.

People who do other things while they eat, whether it’s catching up on e-mail or watching TV, gobble 30 percent more food than those without distractions, one study found.


Grinning is a quick way to boost your mood. And research shows that the more you smile, the more you’re smiled at, lifting spirits even higher. SOURCE

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